Janky Bio

Janky’s musical momentum really kicked into gear after Dallas, Texas blues great Reverend KM Williams requested Janky’s band, The 1969s, a Dallas punk-blues band, open for him at a blues showcase at the famous Son’s of Herman Hall in Deep Ellum. KM had heard The 1969s around the Dallas scene and thought they were representing the blues with authentic respect. After several shows together, Janky invited KM over to his house for dinner and a lesson on KM’s pure, real blues guitar style. Janky was seeking to simplify his approach on playing the blues. The Rev’s response was, “It’s all in your feet.” He went on to explain that the blues feeling can be felt in the way you tap your feet. “Listen to John Lee Hooker on ‘House of the Blues.’ You hear him tap his feet to the rhythm. It all starts with the feel of the rhythm. Your feet can translate that.” The Rev became Janky’s blues mentor and Janky has been playing bass for the Rev ever since. Janky has also produced and engineered 5 CDs since and plays with the Rev at gigs and festivals all over Texas and Mississippi. Janky plays bass with the Reverend during both the Deep Blues Fest as well as at the Juke Joint Fest in Clarksdale, MS, the Holy Land for good blues. During these festivals, Janky has sat in with the likes of Watermelon Slim, Mississippi Rosiland, Duwayne Burnside, Kenny Kimbrough & David Kimbrough – best of the best in blues music. Janky also plays the Johnny LoweBow stage at The Shackdale every festival. You can hear the Rev’s mentoring on the first track of Janky’s debut CD, Them Grackles.

Janky’s alliance to good blues musicians does not stop with Reverend KM Williams. Janky has also worked with Robert Kimbrough, Sr., the son of the late blues legend Junior Kimbrough, as well as Texas blues original, EJ Mathews. Janky mastered Robert Kimbrough, Sr.’s debut CD, Willey Woot, is playing guitar for Robert at the Blues Rules Festival in Switzerland, and is in the process of mastering Robert’s next full CD. Robert Kimbrough, Sr. will be manning the drums on Janky’s next studio release.
Janky recorded and mixed EJ Mathews’ newest release in his own studio as well as playing bass on a few tracks. EJ was awarded Living Blues Magazines 2017 Breakout Artist of the year. EJ’s CD is released on Janky’s own record label, ReverbUnit Records. This label was built to help good musicians share great music.

Janky is now in the exclusive club of Farmer Foot Drum owners that are putting a foot down and playing their own drums with their feet. Janky has been playing a lot of guitar and foot drum shows with Harry Hoggard, a harmonica player from Fort Worth, TX.

Janky is near release of a studio project in which he played every instrument. This project dives deep into Janky’s love for Parliament Funkadelic. Janky enlisted his long time PetRock bandmate and musical partner, Rome Jones, from Minneapolis, MN. This release is a 14 song Eddie-Hazel-P-Funk joy ride called Keep Runnin’, Mississippi. This title was taken from lyrics on the Music For My Mother on Funkadelic’s first album.

Janky has a lot in the hopper. He will be releasing his follow up CD mid-2017. He already has a triple CD recorded that will be released at the end of 2017 entitled Red, White and Blue. The Red CD is in the flavor of punk blues like his band The 1969s. The White CD is an all blues instrumental CD, and the Blue CD is rooted in straight up Delta and Hill Country blues.